Question: Hi there, I've just figure out Feng Shui lately. Right now I don't have any book or documents about Feng Shui. Can you suggest me any good book for beginner? I'd like to know more about it in order to improve my life. Is there any document I can read online?

One good source is the's pages full of feng shui information: Under this URL : " First time here? " ../fs/map.htm

There are many good books on Feng Shui for the beginner:-

Author: Lillian Too

1. Complete illustrated guide by Lillian Too

2. Basic Feng Shui

Both books have `rich' information on Feng Shui for the beginner. (However, these books are not meant for those who wants to know more about the history of feng shui but rather the practical side of it i.e. Applied Feng Shui. These two books are more on the Shapes and Form School with a dab of the 4 good and 4 bad directions.

If you want to apply Feng Shui immediately, you should get her books.

Author: Eveyln Lip

. Geomancy a Layman's Guide

Her books are all `academic' books i.e. a with a rich history of Feng Shui and some basic information of applied Feng Shui. Her books are more for those doing research into the history of Feng Shui. Doctor Evelyn Lip is a trained architect.

3. Derek Walters

Derek Walters books were written quite sometime back. But his one book titled " Feng Shui" is richly illustrated graphically and makes interesting reading for those who wants to know in general all about Feng Shui. In this book, he also gave a template of a English version of the Chinese Luopan or compass. Although this book cannot meet the new recently published books by authors like Lillian Too, it is a truly beautiful illustrated book. with a balanced look at both the history, understanding of what a dragon hill, and more.

2. His book " The Feng Shui Handbook " gives very good `solid' grounding in the Five Elements concepts and the application of it.

3. If you want instead to apply `9 Star Ki' you can obtain books like `9 Star Ki' by Jon Sandiers which will teach you how to apply the mathematical `side' of Feng Shui to your overall living. By the way `9 Star -Ki' is also Feng Shui but practised widely especially in Japan. (It does not include the Shapes and Form School of Feng Shui)

There are many more new books out each day by different authors. If your local book store has books of Feng Shui, I suggest you do some browsing and you may most likely find some other books not listed here but are equally good or interesting. I have written a summary of a few Feng Shui authors and their works under this URL:-../books/books.htm If these books are not found in your local book store, you can easily go to any of the good internet book websites e.g. or and do a search for these authors. You will find more books by them.

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
January 1999



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